It’s by complete coincidence that my thirteenth “Friday Redux” should occur on Friday the 13th of January 2012. Nonetheless, this good fortune for me is my opportunity to dismiss the pessimistic thinking of those who want to wallow in their own perceived misfortune.

You think you’re doing it tough.

On Wednesday evening we ventured to Mon Repos excitedly anticipating the chance to observe up close the laying of eggs by loggerhead turtles. Mon Repos is where these majestic marine visitors have established the largest and most accessible mainland turtle rookery on the East Coast of Australia. Mon Repos is the largest loggerhead turtle rookery in the South Pacific and has seen a steady increase in turtle numbers over the years due to the conservation efforts of the Queensland National Parks team and the army of volunteers who assist.

Our four-year-old daughter had great expectations as she’s been re-watching “Finding Nemo” leading up to our week here on the beach. And, we were blessed to see these huge creatures heaving their way up the beach to dig a deep chamber in the sand and lay a clutch of anywhere up to 150 eggs.

After the laborious task of dragging their huge bodyweight up the beach to dig a chamber almost 2 feet down and laying their eggs, these girls then have to cover in the chamber and drag themselves all the way back to sea using the “light horizon” as a guide. Even with all the help and assistance being afforded by mankind to these wondrous animals, still only 1 in 1000 of the hatchlings will survive!

That’s doing it tough.

Relocating turtle eggs
Volunteer relocating eggs to a safer manmade chamber to afford a greater chance of survival

As business professionals we tend to blame external factors as reasons for our own inability to successfully achieve results and outcomes. Prospects don’t return our phone calls. They try to reduce our fees. They won’t do everything we tell them to do. The secretaries screen our calls and hinder us from getting to speak to our potential clients. There’s no money or they say they don’t need what we’re offering.

Who cares? You have to understand there’s a raft of excuses and impediments placed in front of us as we attempt to do business. We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take responsibility. You can control your business by taking action such as:

  • Create an irresistible Value Proposition.
  • Ask your clients, past and present, what results you’ve delivered that have produced the most dramatic improvement for them.
  • Create a brand around business outcomes about which you are most passionate.
  • Encourage word of mouth.
  • Create (Willmot’s) Whirlpool Marketing System for your business.
  • Always be extremely user-friendly.

And, next time you think of claiming that you’re doing it tough and blaming the economic environment, consider the plight of the loggerhead turtles and how tough they’re doing it just to get a start in life …. 1:1000.

That’s doing it tough. We are far luckier than we know.