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Speaking Thursday morning at the Interdepartmental Accounting Group’s annual conference on the Gold Coast was so enjoyable. The ballroom at the Marriott Surfers Paradise was almost full in spite of the fact that I was the first speaker of the day and everyone had enjoyed a HUGE evening the night previous. Richard Chapman, the Queensland … Continue reading Interdepartmental Accounting Group Conference Gold Coast

Effective Strategic Planning and its Application to Accomplish Your Business Goals 27th & 28th November 2014 Resorts World Convention Centre Singapore Day 1: 27th November 2014 Strategy and survival Direct your organisation’s strategy to meet with success Embracing opportunity and innovation Implementation to ensure results Day 2: 28th November 2014 Behavioural economics and its impact … Continue reading Real World Strategies: Development and Implementation in Singapore

Alex Rodriguez has hit the sporting news headlines again as he returns to the Yankees baseball team. His 162-game suspension from the game for drug use has come to an end and he’s back in the game. The New York Yankees are one of the most successful franchises in the series and have won a … Continue reading It’s a matter of character definition for future behaviour

KPI Confusion Campbell’s Law is the observation that once a metric has been identified as a primary indicator for success, its ability to accurately measure success is compromised. In a paper entitled “Assessing the Impact of Planned Social Change,” American social scientist Donald T. Campbell described the effect of quantitative measurements on decision-making processes this … Continue reading Weekly Wisdom No.215: KPI Confusion

Customer service is a fickle business. What you decide is great customer service may be inadequate for another, and vice versa. There is no silver bullet with customer service by dint of the word “customer” being a part of it, because customers are individuals with differing perspectives, wants and needs. Sitting here in the Cathay … Continue reading First class service can mean keeping your distance